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Holiday’s Engage Life® events program takes a whole-person approach to senior living. Through classes and events designed for optimum aging, we make it easier to live each day to the fullest.

The Holiday Difference

Stay connected

Through Holiday’s Engage Life program, residents enjoy daily opportunities to create, learn, connect and be active. Designed to improve the aging process, our program is based on science – but it’s the residents who show us it works.

And Holiday residents know what they’re talking about. We recognize they have a lifetime of knowledge and experience to share, and that’s why – in addition to scientifically developed programs led by our local Engage Life teams – our customized calendar of events is an evolving collaboration with residents. From volunteering to painting and tai chi, Holiday residents can attend – and lead – the classes and activities they’re most excited about.

Learn more about how one community’s “Handy Hunk” built a workshop and became the go-to guy for fixes of all kinds.

Grow with Holiday

Health & Wellness

Instructor-led fitness classes bring residents daily opportunities to improve balance, strength and flexibility. Exercise isn’t just good for the body, though – classes are designed to help maintain mental and emotional health as well.

    • Dance and movement
    • Flow yoga
    • Tai chi

Learning & Creativity

Art classes, book clubs, lectures and outings – it’s never too late to learn. Through partnerships with local universities, libraries and museums, residents have access to endless opportunities for exercising the mind.

    • Creative writing
    • Morse code
    • Origami

Fostering Connection

Well-being isn’t just about eating vegetables and exercising. Our events calendar is designed to bring friends, neighbors and families together to discover common interests and experience a sense of community.

    • American film series
    • Bible study
    • Bird watching

Local Involvement

Public service events through charities, schools and organizations provide a forum for residents to share their wisdom. Civic and professional involvement give residents opportunities for meaningful engagement while providing a sense of purpose.

    • Business club
    • Tree planting
    • Quilting showcase

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