Senior woman looking outside by the window sill during a rainy day

Keeping Residents Safe During Severe Weather

Take comfort in Holiday by Atria’s industry-leading emergency response plan.

Living alone during severe weather emergencies can be challenging for older adults. Traveling to a safe space, stocking up on crucial supplies, evacuating and paying for repairs in the aftermath is often more difficult. Mobility issues, chronic health conditions and lack of help can increase an older person’s vulnerability.

Holiday residents never worry about such challenges. For more than 50 years, we’ve kept the people who call us home safe and comfortable during all kinds of weather.

From hurricanes and floods to tornadoes, wildfires and other natural disasters, Holiday’s National Emergency Response Team is on standby 24/7, ready to be dispatched to affected communities, work with local authorities, and determine whether to evacuate or shelter in place.

Staying safe during the storm

Severe weather can be much more than an inconvenience. It can be dangerous if you’re not prepared or live alone. Power outages are common, and in extreme cases can go on for days or weeks.

Regardless of location or situation, every Holiday community is equipped with a proven disaster plan and trained employees at the ready.

Each resident is also prepared with their own personal emergency response device. Holiday is the only senior living provider offering 24/7 emergency medical and personal assistance support through the Lively™ Mobile Plus device. With the push of a button, a resident can be instantly connected to a Lively Mobile certified agent for assistance. The device also offers driving directions and vehicle assistance and can connect residents with their family members.

Severe storm prep

Every Holiday community is stocked with critical resources and at least two weeks of food, with supply-chain relationships in place that allow us to source even more, if needed. Holiday communities are included in the same category of critical need as a hospital or school when it comes to supplies such as food following a storm.

To ensure communities remain physically prepared to withstand storms, maintenance employees stay on top of building upkeep all year. Trees are trimmed regularly to prevent loose branches from flying around. Roof shingles are secured, debris is cleared and any damages are repaired. Employees regularly clean drains and make sure water pumps are working properly. If strong winds are in the forecast, outdoor furniture is relocated to prevent hazards.

Communicating with residents and families

As a storm or other emergency develops, we keep residents and families updated through announcements, text messages, emails, and communications from community management.

Sheltering in place

If evacuation isn’t necessary to ensure residents’ safety, employees keep spirits high by carrying on with routine events and activities, mealtimes – and even access to services at the salon and barber shop.

Evacuation plan

If an evacuation is necessary, employees assist residents with packing clothes, medications and other necessities. Holiday has access to top-of-the-line chartered motorcoaches to comfortably transport residents to safe locations such as nearby sister communities and/or hotels. Employees travel with residents to provide ongoing support.

If a community is evacuated to a local sister Holiday community, a welcome party is often arranged for the temporary new neighbors. Evacuation buses arrive to cheering, music and welcome signs. New friends are made over shared meals, activities and games.

The sister communities are stocked with additional emergency supplies and specialized menus to feed more people; any additional support needed is provided with the best service possible during the emergency.

Return and recovery

If an evacuation occurs, residents and their families can rest assured no one returns to the community until all damage is repaired and overall conditions are deemed to be safe. Even if the surrounding neighborhood is still recovering and residents who drive are hesitant to do so, they can utilize the community’s complimentary transportation to safely keep appointments and run errands.

Holiday is here for residents and their families 365 days a year – even during severe weather.

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