After 25 Years, Resident Still Relishes her Holiday Home

Janice, a 25-year resident at Holiday Mallard Point, cherishes her home in Iowa

Standing at just five feet tall, Janice H. is the longest-tenured resident at Mallard Point, a Holiday by Atria community in Cedar Falls.

Her journey began in 1998 with a search for the perfect apartment. Twenty-five years later, Janice still adores the private oasis she found – as well as the many friends she’s made.

“She’s got the best room in the place,” says daughter Lori D. about her mother’s studio inside the independent senior living community.

The apartment features wooded views reminiscent of Janice’s family farm near Toledo. She and her husband raised two children there as well as countless cattle, hogs, rabbits, chickens and sheep.

“I never thought I wanted to live on a farm, but I enjoyed it,” says Janice. “It was a lot nicer than I thought it was going to be. I’ve come to enjoy nature.”

Over the years, she has also come to enjoy an active social life at Holiday.

“Not only do we have so many residents who have really long tenures with us, but we also have a number of key staff members who have been here many, many years as well,” says General Manager Kathryn Miller. “It’s a joy to serve them and serve with them as well.”

“Everyone’s so friendly around here,” says Janice. “I’ve made new friends, that’s for sure – more friends here than I had ever met before.”

For her 90th birthday party, Janice’s family brought cake for everyone to share. During other festive times, such as Halloween and Independence Day, Janice occasionally decorates her walker and hands out treats to neighbors.

Friend and fellow resident Audrey F. says there’s a lot of kindness tucked inside Janice’s small frame.

“She’s just very nice and pleasant, and I enjoy her company,” says Audrey.

In her spare time, Janice likes to play bingo, pool and dominoes, and watch sports on television, especially when the University of Iowa Hawkeyes are competing. But her true passion is studying the Bible with a group that gathers in the community’s chapel.

“I can always be learning,” says Janice. “I am learning from the teacher all the time things I didn’t already know.”

When asked the secret to living a long life, Janice says with a wink, “Just do it like I did it, and it’ll turn out.”

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